Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009

It is insanity in Michael's right now. The store is trashed every night, and if I find too many more coffee cups with cold coffee still in them, I'm going to scream. There is a Starbucks and Borders very close by. I had a lady leave her travel mug from home at my register once, still full of coffee. *ugh*

Things I am obsessed with right now:

Lady Gaga

Farmtown and Farmville on Facebook

Making things from Felt

Eclipse Exotic Mint Gum that has cardamom in it (gives a slight spice hint)

Coke Zero

Telling people I'm sick of Christmas and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. (which is silly but it gets a laugh out of people)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Etsy Shop LIVE!

My Etsy shop is official!


There is only the one card on there right now, but I'm workin on that.

So I'm making these funny little cupcakes...

I obviously have to work on the not making them lopsided part. =)

I originally wanted to make little felt animals, but then I saw the "recipe" for the cupcakes and altered it a little...

For some reason my camera and computer aren't communicating correctly, I am going to have to do a little internet IT.

I purchased a ElegantWriter by Speedball yesterday, the fine point one. It looks like you're using a nib without the mess.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009

Oh hey! I have a blog, don't I? (at least that is how I'm feeling right now) I feel guilty to have neglected my blog, and I don't really have anything to show for it. I've acumulated some Halloween scrapping supplies, but have not gotten around to printing the pictures. (damn procrastination)

That will be my latest project to take on, hopefully I can kick myself into doing it soon. I also want to put in a CTMH order soon, as well as a Partylite show.